DoubleClick Ürünleri


DoubleClick is an advertising technology owned by Google. DoubleClick has three main tools which provide behavioral targeting, ad serving and ad delivery across cross-channel and cross-device.


DoubleClick Search


DoubleClick Search is a search management platform that helps agencies and large & mature advertisers to centralize and manage their online campaigns on several Search engines.
It saves time by cutting complexity and recurring tasks, and boost performances through powerful algorithms to globally gain in efficiency.


DoubleClick Search usually offers a 3 pillar solution:

  • – Campaign Management
  • – Bid Management
  • – Reporting


DoubleClick Campaign Manager


DoubleClick Campaign Manager is an ad server providing a single view of cookie with the advanced reporting tool. It allows you to allocate your media spent effectively across all online channels including search, social media, non-paid channels. With its ability of integration with DoubleClick Creative Studio, you can also serve personalized dynamic creatives with automated optimization allowing for campaign KPI’s.


DoubleClick Bid Manager


DoubleClick Bid Manager is a demand-side platform. It provides programmatic buying for advertisers in a single platform across many exchange and networks. With its advanced targeting options and campaign structure, it allows you to create an effective and efficient display and video campaigns.